Easter at the Brussels Childbirth Trust

by on Mar.27, 2009, under Belgium

Easter is certainly in the air in Belgium. Today Caitlyn attend her second Easter party, and I believe she has one more to go. I left work a little early for the chance to attend with Annette and Caitlyn. I took a slightly (about an hour) earlier train to Waterloo. Annette and Caitlyn surprised me by meeting me at the station saving me the walk home.

The party was about 15 minutes out of Waterloo in another town at one of the BCT member’s home. We arrived right on time, not the Belgium traditional 15 minutes late, so we thankfully got the last spot in the driveway. This will be come important later in the story.

Once settled Caitlyn and Annette completed the craft, which was an Easter card with a bunny on the front. Then off to play with all their friends, both Caitlyn and Annette. I had settled in to a grazing at the food counter (have you notice how food is always a main point in my stories?), when Annette told me one of her friends needed a little assistance outside. I assumed she needed help bringing something in, but oh was I wrong.

Now Annette has mentioned many, many, many times in her blog about the rain here. Which happens pretty much daily. While this creates a lush green lawn, it also makes it marsh like when stepping on it; spongy. So I walk out with Sandy, Annette’s friend, to assist in her delemia and found her car sunk about 3 inches in to the grass in the middle of the lawn. She had attempted to turn around at the direction of her mother and got stuck. I attempted to assist but the it was going to take more than me to get it out. As we were attempting to get Sandy out Helen (another member) also got stuck as she tried to take her minivan across a small strip of grass to a parking spot on the other side.

As luck would have it Tara, the host, had both cardboard and wood that we could use to assist in the traction, which anyone who’s been stuck in the mud in Alabama knows, you step on the gas, one tire spins, the other tire does nothing. But of course the cars were too deep to get the wood under the tires, it acted more like a scrapper cleaning the mud of the tires. Next we tried an all-hands evolution (except prego Annette). We rocked and rocked and almost got it the minivan out, but it was still stuck.

Next plan. We’ll try to “tow” it out with nylon rope. So where to you attach the rope? To the emergency tow hitches, which get screwed in to holes in the bumper. But because they hadn’t been used ever, the wholes were filled with dirt and I could only get the hitches in so far. So we threw caution to the wind and tried anyway, and to my surprise the hitch held and Helen was on her way. But sad Sandy was still stuck in the mud (literally not figuratively). So we tried rocking her much lighter BMW and it came out without a problem. Although one poor Mom choose the spot right next to the rear drive wheel and was covered in mud. Now the only thing left was for poor Tara to repair her poor lawn, a little soil and seed will do wonders.

Sadly I was assisting in the “car removal evolution” and was unable to record the event for prosperity. But I’ll work on getting copies of the pictures taken, so you might learn from their mistakes. But in the mean time, enjoy the photos I did take in the Gallery or directly to the Easter 2009 BCT gallery.

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